Sunday, March 27, 2011

see so good: wall stickers, so fun!

if you would have asked me 5 years ago about wall stickers, i might have lectured you on the two most don’ts in design:

  • don’t ever use wall stickers
  • and don’t EVER, EVER put any kind of ANYTHING that looks like a sticker on a wall!

well, times have changed and wall decals certainly have come a long way and i’m actually loving the opportunities for embellishing walls with vinyl works of art.

there’s a couple of great places to buy wall decal art and I’m also throwing in wall murals into this mix, some of my favs are

  • – wonderful modern graphics and great installation ideas on their website
  • – another site that has a very nice selection of graphics and design ideas
  • (blik studio) – has a ton of wall decalls and many are very bold and craaaaaahzy, they also do custom decals.  be sure to check out their portfolio and e-book for ideas
  • – is just murals, and you will find all types of ideas, the murals come in different sizes so you can be sure to cover the entire wall (which is what I recommend :-))

First let me say a couple of things about the do’s and don’t of wall decals before you go “sticker happy”…

  1. little stickers on a wall are almost always a no-no, pretty much any type of stationary, scrapbooking stickers and child size stickers with cute little bunnies are a big design DON’T.
  2. consider the entire room and wall(s) where you are going to place your new art, does it work together as an entire composition.  your walls are the canvas and the sticker(s) are the subject matter (image from
  3. i’m all about go bold or go home, but a subtle tone on tone approach is also good.  going bold-you should have the graphic incorporate as much of the wall space as possible, even, oversized or bleeding images are much better that something that only takes up a small percentage of the wall, UNLESS, of course it is part of a grouping (example below from
  4. layer decals of various sizes on top of each other to create a one-of-a-kind mural – check out this cute idea below from
  5. walldecals

  6. see more ideas below…


blik studio – chair mix’a lot



both decals above from


dandelion blowing seeds in the wind from


red paint spiral wall mural by

18916460_001_a TimberLarge_1

Urban Outfitters 3-D Wall Sticks Birds and Ferm Living timber wall sticker….

…happy stickering!

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  1. Hi Sherry! Awesome blog you have here! We just wanted to pop over and say THANK YOU :) for featuring our wall graphics the other day. Also, we noticed that you accidentally gave another company credit for our Be You (turquoise wall photo). Just thought we'd bring it to your attention in case you hadn't yet realized. Thanks again for the feature!

    Happy Living,
    Lana & Team